What's the difference between the towels?

Is there any difference between the towels? What's the difference between the Striped beach towels, Eco and Classic towel ranges? Can the Eco and Classic towels also be used at the beach? What on earth are the Quick Cool towels? Why are they so small?

Dock & Bay lovers, we hear you! If you want to know what the difference is between our ranges, then read right on...

Absolutely nothing! Ok, not quite nothing, but all the towels are all pretty similar, apart from the Quick Cool range.

Quick Cool Towel in Gym

Our striped range (so Cabana, Festival, Summer & Fruity), the Eco and Classic towels are all made from the same material, however our awesome Eco range is made from 30% recycled materials, and with this they are actually our softest range we offer (amazing isn't it!). There is a slight difference in feel between our ranges with the Classic and Eco being the softest. This is due to the different methods used for printing stripes to dying our solid coloured towels.

All of our terrific towels are sand-free (the sand will just brush off, to avoid getting it in any unwanted places...), they are quick drying (3x faster than normal towels woohoo!), super-absorbent (impressive for how soft and slim they are), they won't hold on to any nasty odours (well, unless you keep them scrunched up in a wet ball at the bottom of your beach bag for days on end...), they pack down into a cute compact pouch for travel, AND they look pretty great, don't you think?!

All of these towels (not to mention the Hair Wraps and Ponchos) feel super soft and smooth against the skin, and no, they don't feel like the abundance of microfibre cleaning cloths you have in your kitchen cupboard, don't worry. That being said, they are pretty great at shining up my surfaces (Dock & Bay x Mrs Hinch anyone?)

"Why have I received a tiny towel in the post?" Ahh the million dollar question. That, my dear, is because you have ordered yourself one of our snazzy Quick Cool Towels, and were probably attracted by the nice low price. But don't fear, although you might have been searching for a beach towel, you have just bagged yourself a nifty little item that's going to keep you cool through sweat, heat and it's pretty great for migraines too.

How does it work? Simply wet the towel under any temperature water (really!) and squeeze out the excess water. Then snap the towel like a whip a few times until the towel feels noticeably colder (around 15℃ / 59℉ to be precise). Works in seconds! The perfect buddy for travel, gym, sport, at the beach - anywhere you need it. Wet. Squeeze. Snap. Cool. The only four words you need to know. 

Make sure you care for your towels properly (plural, because we know you're going to want more than one), and follow the instructions on the label, to get the most out of them! After all, if you look after our towels, they will most definitely look after you too.

So what are you waiting for? Join the #dockandbay revolution and enjoy the towel that is making all other towels pretty damn jealous!

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