Do dock and bay towels work?

Good question.

If you’ve come here in search of a reason to buy one of our many quick drying, 100% recycled, absorbent and stylish products, then you’ve clicked on the right link. 

We might be a little bit biased, but what can you expect? You’re on our website, we’re hardly going to be negative. Plus, it’s our job to make the world brighter, so, here we go…

The big one, the thing we talk about the absolute most. Purely because we got sick of having damp towels in our bag while travelling, so we found a solution.

Our unique, microfibre fabric means that our towels dry much faster than regular cotton. If you’re talking beach towels, those dry 3x faster. Our slightly thicker (softer, cosier, perfect for post-shower drying) Bath Towels dry 2x faster. 

So, you don’t need to worry about damp smells coming from your towel once you’ve used it, even if you just shove it in your bag after a day at the beach or your partner/housemate just crumples it up after their shower (because you’d never do that, would you?), it’ll still dry and won’t give off any odour. 

Our fabric is super absorbent, too. Meaning you’ll dry off much quicker, avoiding those post-swim chills.

The material we use for each of our products is made using recycled, post-consumer plastic bottles, which sounds like they’d be super uncomfortable to lie down on, but you’d be wrong. 

Our towels, and other Earth-friendly products, are made from a mix of polyester and polyamide (also called nylon), which is what makes them dry super fast. But unlike most other quick dry towels, our material is 100% recycled.

Some clever people, we’re not sure who (we are but it’s a secret) turn old, used bottles into plastic ‘chips’, not the kind you can eat. Maybe don’t eat them. These chips are melted down and made into a thin, yarn, which is then weaved to create our unique fabric. 

Those recycled plastic bottles will have otherwise been thrown onto a landfill to be left to decompose. Trouble with that is, plastic takes years to decompose, meaning they’d most likely just stick around, causing damage to our precious planet.

The entire manufacturing process is GRS certified, which means the end to end process has been reviewed to ensure that we actually use recycled materials, and we’re not just making it up. 

Isn't everything without sand on it sand free?

Technically, yes. But what we mean is, normal cotton towels trap sand in the material because the fabric is made by creating 'loops' of thread. Don't believe us? Go and have a look at your towel right now. 

Because of our unique, loopless fabric, sand just brushes off, so you don’t have to deal with bringing the whole beach back with you after your day out. 

Our towels are lighter than your usual cotton affair, and we include a handy pouch for you to carry it around in. 

Even our compact Hair Wraps and Cooling Towels are perfect on-the-go, thanks to their ability to fold up small. 

The lack of bulk due to the microfibre material means they fold up super small, making them perfect for trips to the beach, camping, pool, on a boat, in your carry-on luggage, in a cave, in an elevator. Anywhere, really... 

The verdict

So, do Dock & Bay towels work? We wouldn't lie to you, because our mission in life is to make your day brighter, and lies wouldn't do that. 

We want to ensure that all of our products are made not just with you in mind, but the planet, too. Our top quality, 100% recycled material is regularly tested for quality control, and each product is designed to last for a long, long time.

Team D&B x

P.s. Check out our reviews if you don't believe us...