Easy Ways To Become An Eco-Friendly Traveller

Here’s something you probably already knew: we love the earth. Like a lot. A lot, a lot. In fact, we love it even more than we love putting stripes on beachwear, which is why we’ve always made sure our products are as eco-friendly as we possibly can. And if that means re-releasing our Swim Shorts because we’ve come up with an even better design, then that’s exactly what we will do - and have done.

That’s right, we’ve added even more reasons to make our swim shorts your favourite beach uniform. They still boast our signature stripes, they still come in *7 colours (*exciting news below) and they are probably still the quickest dry trunks on the planet. But, as of right now, they’re also made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. That’s not a joke. There are 6 plastic bottles in every single pair of our Dock & Bay swimmers.

And now for the *exciting news* we promised. This month we’re adding a brand new colour to our line-up: Random Rainbow.

Like our other shorts, they’re made from nothing but recycled plastic bottles and arrive in our 100% biodegradable packaging. But what makes our Rainbow Shorts best buddies with Mother Nature (and that little bit extra special) is the way the pattern differs depending on the size. It’s our way of reducing the amount of waste from the start of production through to your delivered product - woo woo!

And to celebrate the earth-saving launch of these shorts, we’ve pulled together a bunch of eco-friendly travel tips to make your next vacay even more awesome. There might not be a Planet B, but there is a better way to plan your next beach adventure.

1. Awesome People Pack Light

Backpacking inspiration

If you’re anything like us, then your summer vacay wardrobe probably consists of two swim shorts/bikinis, two sundresses, a couple of shirts, a kaftan, some flip flops, sunglasses and a towel poncho. So try and keep yourself to exactly that when you next pack your bags because every kilo counts when your flying. The more a plane weighs, the more carbon emissions it produces. Leave the sweaters at home - the world will thank you for it.

2. BYO Water Bottle

Eco Friendly Water Bottle

Traveling can take it out of you, which is why you need to stay a) hydrated and b) caffeinated. But instead of picking up a new plastic bottle at every stop (and then tossing it away when you’re done glugging), try carrying your own reusable bottle everywhere you go. Simply fill it with whatever beverage you’ll need to get through the next leg of your journey - water, coffee, green tea, anything - and enjoy the fact you’ve saved the world from yet more single-use nonsense.

3. Be An Earth-Friendly Flyer

Flying on Holiday

We get it - booking flights is usually about finding the cheapest seat on Skyscanner. But you can do your bit for the world long before you step foot in an airport terminal. Simply choose to fly with the most environmentally-friendly airline headed where you want to go. In the US, Alaska Airlines and Virgin America are the greatest shade of green. Down Under, that award goes to Air New Zealand. And in Europe, Air France has long been praised for its incredible reporting, love for biofuels, recycling and carbon offsets, while EasyJet was awarded a prestigious 3 “Leafs” for its eco-efforts.

4. Pack Your Own Meals

Vacation Street Food

Stopping at an airport eatery for a bit of brekky may have become your tastiest tradition over the years, but plastic food packaging is a proper problem for our world. Instead, try being hailed an eco-hero by making a meal at home and packing them in some beeswax wrapping. No single-use plastic. No nasty styrofoam. Just you, your fridge-clearing lunch and a guilt-free conscience.

5. Pass On Paper Tickets

Eco Friendly Phone Case

It’s 2019. Pretty much everything can be done from the palm of your hand nowadays, and pulling up your travel tickets is no different. Whether you're hopping on a plane, train, bus or hailing an Uber, there’s always a way of opening your boarding pass or ticket on your phone, usually via an email or app. It’s the simplest way to save the trees, and the simplest way to make your travelling super-stress-free -- all you need to do is smile, open the ticket on your phone and show it to the scanner.

6. Plastic Straws Don’t Save Anything

Dock and Bay Fruity Towels

Only the coolest people say no to plastic straws. Period. There’s just no need for them. Whether you fancy a poolside piña colada, your next stop is a Drive Thru on your road trip across America or you’re off to try the local restaurant, no one needs a plastic straw. And if you can’t imagine life without that slurping sound when you get to the bottom of your drink, it’s time you invested in an eco-friendly metal one. No excuses welcome.

7. Public Transport Is The Bees Knees

Dock and Bay Classic Towels

Skipping the rent-a-car desk at your destination airport is one of the simplest ways to become an eco-friendly traveller. Not only that, but there are so many better ways to explore a new place. Walk, cycle, hop on a bus, take the train - anything that will let you see the sites while reducing your carbon footprint. And if you’re headed somewhere that hire car is a total must, be the sort of human that picks an electric or hybrid car. It’s the little things that make the biggest difference.

8. Be A Local Legend

Dock and Bay Fruity Towels

Whether you’re shopping for food, drink or your wardrobe, keep it local by hitting up the farmers markets, food artisans, bazaars, souks and anywhere else that sells local bits and bobs directly from the area you’re visiting. The same goes for eating out (which is, like, the best bit of every vacay). Eat at local restaurants, enjoy a “near beer” from a local brewer, sip wine from a nearby vineyard and enjoy the cultural experience, as well as doing your bit for the local community. Carbon friendliness never tasted so good.

9. Make Your Hotel Feel Like Home

Tropical Vacation

One of the best things you can do for Planet A is to treat your hotel like your home. By passing on the housekeeping service you’ll be saving on laundry-related energy use, which is great because no one actually uses 3,789 towels in a week. The other thing you can do is bring your own toiletries and try not to cave in to the cuteness of those baby shampoos. They might look harmless, but they’re so bad for the environment. And if you can’t resist the temptation, make sure you take the bottles home with you and either fill them up for your next trip or donate them to a charity like Clean The World - they’ll make sure they go to people in need.

10. Direct Flights Or No Flights

Boracay Yellow Swim Shorts

We know, we know - unless you’re a feathered bird, flying isn’t great for the world. But a lot of the time, you’ve got no choice but to hope for a window or aisle seat and, in those circumstances, the best thing you can do for the environment (and your carbon footprint) is to book a non-stop flight. That way you’re limiting your journey to just one takeoff and one landing, and those two things are what cause the most emissions. If you can cut out a flight, however, then cut it out. Replacing just one five-hour flight will make your carbon footprint a tonne lighter - and you'll get to see the countryside too, not just another top-down view of the clouds.

Thanks for reading. For more travelspiration and far-flung adventure ideas, follow us on Instagram and Facebook and, you know, don’t forget to grab yourself the most awesome towel ever made… and some shorts… and a hair wrap... and probably a poncho too. After all, everyone looks good in stripes.