Five Festival Essentials

It’s time to start thinking about how you can look your best(ival) at the festival. 

We’re not talking about your outfits or your glittery make up, because we’re pretty sure you’ve got those covered already, and it’s not really our area of expertise. 

However, we CAN advise you on some festival essentials to keep you comfy and looking fresh in between legging it from stage to stage to catch your fave acts…

Space for you, your friends and pre-music snacks. These XL round towels are the perfect spot to chill on while you rest your weary festival legs. 

Stand out from the crowd as you sit down with these striped circles of quick dry goodness. 

Keep your phone and other gadgets topped up with juice by bringing along a good portable charger. Otherwise you run the risk of losing your mates. 

We like this one, because it’s made from recycled, sustainable materials and helps the planet.

Keep your face looking fresh with a set of sustainable Makeup Removers.

Minimise cotton wool wastage while saving space in your bag - all you need is a splash of water and these super soft removers will wipe away your festival face paint in a flash. 

Then just let them dry super fast before slipping into your bag until you need them next. 

Keep cool after a long day of dancing to your fave singers and bands with this quick-cooling towel, designed to give you 6 hours of chilled bliss.

These tiny towels fold up small, are lightweight, compact and dry super fast, which means no smelly odours in your tent after you’ve cooled off.

They’re also made from 100% recycled materials, so no harm to the planet whatsoever. 

Pretty obvious one, otherwise you’d be sleeping outside which, if you’re festival-ing in the UK, is a risky move weather-wise. 

It’s quite tough to find a truly eco-friendly tent, as the majority of them are made from synthetic material. But you could choose a canvas tent, a teepee or a yurt. 

The best thing to do is to buy a good tent you’ll use over and over, rather than one you use just once. 

So there you have it, Dock & Bay’s exclusive list of things you definitely want to stick in your festival bag for the upcoming summer of music. 

There are more, obviously, but we’ve only got so much space. Besides, the main thing you need is a quick dry towel, right?