Size Guide - Weights & Dimensions

What size towel do I need? Dock & Bay size guide

It's a really common question - so let's lay out the facts and we'll leave you to lay out the towels.


Dimensions: 200cm x 90cm  /  78" x 35"

Weight:  500 grams   /   1.1 lbs

Our EXTRA LARGE (XL) is one of the biggest towels out there, perfect for laying out at the beach or on a sun lounger, or covering your yoga mat. If you love a big towel to fully wrap yourself up in - this is the towel for you. Importantly your Dock & Bay XL towel will still pack down small to about the size of a book. While we know that many people LOVE a huge towel, remember, this is a really is BIG towel. This would be Michael Jordan's towel of choice (we think, we've never actually asked him). If you are conscious of how much weight you are carrying in your backpack or the slight difference in space that it will take up, maybe our Large size is better for you. One tip from us - many customers do prefer the Extra Large over the Large as they can spread out without their toes hanging off the edge. So if in doubt, maybe the XL really is for you.


Dimensions: 160cm x 80cm  /  63" x 31"

Weight:  380 grams   /   0.8 lbs

Our LARGE sized towel is what you would expect from an everyday towel and still bigger than your normal travel towels that often don't quite hit the spot in their size. And for many, this is all they need. It packs down about 20% smaller than the XL towel, so is great for backpackers and families (kids love them too!). A convenient towel to throw in your gym bag for showering or taking on a camping adventure. Don't worry, if you choose the large, our XL towels don't tend to get offended…unless they've had a bad day.


Dimensions: 100cm x 50cm  /  40" x 20"

Weight:  250 grams   /   0.6 lbs

Our SMALL sized towel is the ideal towel for the gym, for sports and also great for travel. For a workout, the SMALL will cover your bench or be there with you to wipe away the sweat. We also use it to wipe away the tears when our first gym session in 12 months leaves us struggling to walk, sit, be alive, etc.
It will also conveniently hang over a cross trainer or treadmill without dragging on the ground. It is important to know that the SMALL size towel will not wrap around you and is not good to lay on we wouldn't recommend this as a shower towel or at the beach. But for sports, gym and a compact travel towel, the SMALL does a fantastic job, folding up small into the palm of your hand.


Dimensions: 170cm diameter  /  67" diameter

Weight:  800 grams   /   1.7 lbs

Our ROUND towel really is huge, you will literally own key space at any park, beach or festival, yet it folds up conveniently into its carry bag. Often referred to as a 'beach mat' or 'beach blanket' with the same great benefits as our towels too, it is great for the couple that loves to share or for the family to hang out on and play during their day out. Alternatively, you buy it for yourself and be your own sundial as you turn around on it as the sun moves throughout the day, without having to get up and move your towel. Dreamy. If you enjoy your personal space, when using the Waikiki Coral Round towel, feel free to tell people that the stripes represent a no-go zone for maximum relaxation.

Sizes and dimensions of Dock & Bay towels