Top 5 essentials your kids need before they go back to school


Calling all moms, dads and all those in between. Your kids might be having the summer of their lives but we know it’s up to you to get all their school supplies ready! (Don’t worry if you see this after school starts… it’s never too late to impress them with your generosity).

We have created the top 5 list of must-haves for your kids this September! Not to toot our own horn but we’re pretty happy with what we’ve come up with… see for yourself...


1. Rocketbook

Kids these days have the coolest gadgets, making us feel old for even using something as simple as a notebook. Rocketbook blasts you into a whole new world where tradition meets the digital world. This super cool notebook allows you to write, reuse, scan and organize all your notes! It’s a fantastic way to convert your handwritten notes onto a digital platform via an app. Then all you have to do is wipe the page with water and reuse it for another day! Sustainable and will guarantee your child to be the coolest kid in the class.


2. Chilly’s bottle

Chilly’s bottles have the biggest range of patterns and colors. Being a sustainable alternative to plastic bottles they are also great for hot or cold drinks. Means you can send your child into school with hot chocolate (shhh don’t tell the teachers). You can select from a wide range of patterns on the Chilly’s site, wouldn't it be great if we had a Chilly's bottle... Watch this space.


3. Bento box

If you or your kids have also been obsessed with TikTok you would’ve seen the bento box trend! Making your kids' school lunch fun, exciting and worthy of a Tiktok, what more could you ask for? This is a great way to get your kids to try new vegetables and fruits by placing them in a bento box. You can also purchase plastic-free bento boxes making your child's lunch BPA free (plus it’s better for our planet). If you need some bento box inspiration check out Jessica Woo on TikTok (@sulheejessica) for the famous “Let’s make some lunch for my kids”.


4. Swimming towel

Do you take your kids to swimming lessons and always get their towels mixed up? Are towels still damp after class? Well look no further, we have a wide range of quick-drying towels, so there is one less thing to worry about when your kids go back in September. Plus anyone with a stripy towel is going to be the talk of the class. Why wouldn’t you help your child reach this level of cool?


5. Fjallraven backpack

After purchasing all of these fabulous essentials you’ll need a bag to pop it all in. We couldn’t think of anything better than the Fjallraven backpack! They are trendy, sustainable, ethical and are built for trips and falls. So it won’t matter if your child decides to make a mud pie and falls in, it’s washable! The Kanken bags are the most popular and they come in so many different shapes, sizes and colors. 


We hope you enjoyed our fabulous list of must-haves for going back to school. Please remember to tag us in any Instagram photos you upload and do not forget to share this blog with all your friends with kids… or if they are still kids themselves!