Top tips to get through the winter blues

Feeling a bit blue this winter? Here’s our Dock Bay top tips on how to make your world a little brighter. Don’t worry we’re not talking about the cliche “New year, new me”, we're all for discovering how to be the best version of ourselves!

Let light into your environment. Open the blinds, sit near the window and replace bulbs in your home and office with those that simulate natural light. You get that Vitamin D Glen Coco.

Sometimes 5 minutes is all it takes to receive the mood-boosting effect. Who knows, you may even see a cute dog on your travels, and we all know that’s an instant serotonin boost, right?


Your brain needs specific nutrients to regulate and enhance your mood, focus and well-being. Try and get your 5-a-day, or treat yourself to some well-deserved chocolate… we know you deserve a treat!


Practicing kindness has been proven to put you in a better mood. Be kind to yourself and be kind to others. Repeat after us, ‘I am loved, I am special and I am unique’. You are ALL those things, so it’s time to start believing it. 


Surround yourself with friends and loved ones. Laughter is the best medicine! Whether you’re laughing with them or at them, they’ll never know… (We suggest googling ‘funny cat videos’, we guarantee you won't be disappointed)


Self care is always important! Light a candle, and pop on your favorite Hair Wrap and face mask. Then sit back and relax. Why not pour out your favourite drink or indulge in your favorite chocolates? 


If you’ve got pets make sure to give them a tight squeeze for a much needed serotonin boost! They’re not called ‘man's best friend’ for nothing. You can see our paw-some Dock & Bay pets here! 


A little shopping spree never hurt anyone? Why not treat yourself to your dream towel or an outfit that you’ve been wanting for ages… we think you deserve it! (Sorry not sorry, maybe we’re a bad influence). 

This one’s easy, put on your favorite song & dance! Whether it’s Olivia Rodrigo’s “Good for you” or something more niche, find your happy song! Who knows, you could even start the next TikTok craze!

Remember: It’s OK not to be OK. Taking a moment to be in touch with your emotions is sometimes great for gathering your thoughts. Whether you want to watch Marley & Me for the 10th time or just spend some time thinking, do whatever works best for you! 

We hope these tips helped to put a smile on your face and gave you some inspiration on how to beat the January blues. We know January can be tough, but remember, you’re tougher. 

Wishing you a happy & healthy new year!

Lots of love,
Your Dock & Bay Friends x