What makes our towels great

Having spent our lives using cotton towels to dry ourselves and microfibre to clean the car, no-one would have expected a towel that was both bright and bold in design yet super convenient too – to be made from a material that seems a bit…well... different. We often get questions like ‘do they even work’ so we thought we’d give a little run down as to what makes our towels great (SPOILER ALERT: they do work).


Our towels are biggest on the market, ranging from 160cm (63”) to 200cm (78”) in length. This makes them perfect for lying down on without hanging off the edge or wrapping right around any sunbed whilst you soak up some rays.


These towels will fold down to well over 50% of your equivalent cotton towel. Chuck a couple in your bag for any trip without having to worry about an overflowing crisis and saving precious space for all your sun cream - protecting you from that lobster look.


If you’re headed to the beach, Dock & Bay is the one for you. Due to the smooth texture of the towels, sand just slides straight off. So you don’t have to take it all home with you.


Like a sponge. Soaking moisture off your body in a second. There it is – they really do work, we’d be struggling a bit if they didn’t. We recommend a dabbing type motion for the best dry of your life. Just don’t get carried away.


These towels were made with attention to detail and won’t have that rough feel to them like many microfiber towels do. They feel really soft against your skin. Like drying yourself with a puppy. Maybe not, we take that back.


Like the Sahara. Dock & Bay towels will dry out 3 times as quick as your normal towel, leaving you raring to go on your next adventure.


From beach goers, backpackers and families to surfers, yoga lovers, swimmers and sailors. Dock & Bay is here for you all!


Here at Dock & Bay, we really believe you will love your new towel and for those that are unsure about trying something different, we want to give you that opportunity at no risk. If you’re not happy with your product within the first 30 days (used or not), get in touch and we’ll be happy to give you a full refund.

Check out our full range of Dock & Bay towels here

Extra Large Round Towel Green on Swing