Bring Your Beach Look Full Circle

Do you know what are really awesome without anyone realising they’re really awesome - circles. As a shape, circles are awesome, and there’s a million reasons why. Okay, maybe not quite a million, per se, but there’s still a lot of reasons to go whoopee when you see a circle, like, 9 reasons, at least. And to prove this, we’re going to go through them one-by-one:

You never know where circles begin or end, which is cool.
They have zero corners. That’s right, zero. None. Nada. Zilch.
They are the shape of watermelons and coconuts, and everyone loves watermelons and coconuts (especially when their husks are filled with a frozen cocktail).
They’re also the shape of beach balls (which is cool, because swimming pools and beach balls go together like stripes and towels).
To make a circle happy, all you have to do is add two eyes and a mouth (and if you want to make your circle a pirate circle, you just have to pop on an eyepatch).
They are never-ending, which means the fun never stops (woo woo).
Crop circles are proof we’re not alone in the universe (maybe!) and that’s also (kinda) cool.
Circle of Life is, like, Elton’s third best song (after Tiny Dancer and I’m Still Standing).
And, best of all, they make the. grooviest. towels. Ever.

And if that isn’t the perfect segue, we don’t know what is because, yup, that’s right, our collection of Round Beach Blankets is making a return this month, and it’s been given an all-new look and some right nice, 100% biodegradable packaging - not to mention all the colours you could possibly hope for.

Girls on Beach Round Towel

There are stripes in everything from Dock & Bay - Cancun Green to Bondi Blue, a maze pattern that’s rocking shades like Phi Phi Pink to Waikiki Coral and, to top it all off, we’ve even done a Rainbow Skies version too. That’s right, the world’s happiest round beach towel-slash-blanket-thingy is now available in our world-famous rainbow pattern. It’s the best day ever, right?

Round Rainbow Towel Cairns

Of course, there will be a few of you out there wondering why you’d want a round beach towel over a rectangular one. And we get it. Why fix what’s not broken? The answer: becoming your own sundial is way more fun.

So, ladies and gentleman, inflatable-riders and unicorn-lovers, here’s why you need to shun convention and add our round beach blankets to your summer suitcase (#roundbeachtowelsforlife):

Round Stripe Rainbow Towels

1. They’re part beach towel and part beach rug, and that makes them roomy enough for two people.

2. They are fun and charming and, at the beach, or by the pool, that’s really all that matters.

3. Don’t ask for the science behind it, but “roundies” (as we like to call them) make for the most incredible Instagram snaps (and there’s roughly a gazillion posts under the hashtag #roundbeachtowel that prove it).

Round Stripe Pink Towel

4. They’re perfect for picnics. Literally, perfect. It doesn’t matter whether you’re heading to the park, the beach, a friend’s pool, pulling over on the side of a road or using the corner of a recently harvested field, our round beach towels are every picnic’s BFF. Think about it. Everyone is sat equidistant from the food in the middle and everyone gets an equal amount of rug space. It’s genius.

5. They’re also pretty perfect for families, which is partly to do with their circular shape and partly to do with their ‘sand won’t stick’ attitude. That means your beach sandwiches won’t harbour actual sand and, when you leave to go home, you’ll leave behind more sand for castles.

Couples Round Towel Beach

6. Our circle collection is for anyone on a super-fun couples vacay that wants to lay on the beach, cuddled up to bae and drunk on love as they watch the ocean turn pink and the sun disappear. And because our huge roundies pack down small, they’re not just great for sharing a cuddle on, they’re great for those trying to pack light.

7. Dog & Bay Squad, it’s time to rejoice because your pooch is going to love our collection of roundie rugs. Whether they’re lazing about in your backyard as you crack up the Bae-B-Q or you’re heading off on a beach adventure, our roundies are soooo big you and your dog can lounge together. And don’t worry if your dog goes for a dip and come back because our roundies dry 3 times faster than a normal cotton towel.

Dancing on Beach Round Towel

8. OMG! Festivals. They’re also great for festivals (sort of in the same way our ponchos are). They’re bright, they’re fun, they’re forget-me-not, they make for great snaps, they give you somewhere to sleep off your hangover, they’ll keep you warm when the sun goes down and they make great capes too. Wow. We should really change their name to Festival Towels (except we already have a range of those).

Stripe Round Towel Poolside

9. We know we mentioned it above, but they really do make great capes.
Step 1: Fold your round beach blanket in half.
Step 2: Put the straight edge across the back of your shoulders.
Step 3: Take the newly created corners & tie them in a knot around your neck.
Step 4: Put one arm above your head, with your fist clenched, and then run around saving the world (by doing your bit and picking up any litter/rubbish you “fly” past - that’s what eco-friendly travellers would do).

And if that’s not enough to convince you to buy-buy-buy, all our circular beach blankets come with a super-stylish beach bag so you can look cool while you carry all your bits and bobs.

Thanks for reading. For more travelspiration and far-flung adventure ideas, follow us on Instagram and Facebook and, you know, don’t forget to grab yourself the most awesome towel ever made… and some shorts… and a hair wrap... and probably a poncho too. After all, everyone looks good in stripes.